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The installation of rail type window cleaning machine must meet the bearing requirements of floor structure


Now the cleaning and maintenance of high-rise buildings need to be done by using window cleaning machine. After all, we can not finish the work on the external wall of high-rise buildings only by ourselves. Only the window cleaning machine can effectively complete the cleaning of the outer walls of high-rise buildings! In order to meet the application needs of different high-rise buildings, various types of window cleaning machines are produced in the market. Mainly based on the height of the building, facade, roof load, structure and other aspects of the design of these window cleaning machines. So in many types of window cleaning machines, small knitting is more recommended to choose the rail type window cleaner, what is its advantages? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

For the rail window cleaner, it can walk along the track electrically, with the characteristics of smooth walking, accurate in place, complete safety devices, safe and reliable use, high degree of automation. The installation of track type window cleaner must meet the bearing requirements of floor structure, and the walking passage of window cleaner shall be reserved.

The floating connection technology of swing beam and balance beam structure is developed for walking mechanism, which can solve the influence of turning of the whole machine, civil engineering error and track installation error on the stability of window cleaner. The double drum mechanism of single layer wire rope winding and single drum mechanism of multi-layer wire rope winding are developed, and the corresponding rope arrangement mechanism is set up, which can meet the requirements of different working height.

At the same time, it also has the safety devices with complete performance such as overload protection, overspeed protection, anti-collision protection, manual sliding and wire rope relaxation device; In order to solve the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance of concave facade, a scalable working suspension platform is developed to make it work more effective.

Above is a series of advantages of the rail window cleaner introduced by the small edition. Now we should all understand where the rail type window cleaner is! Window cleaner belongs to outdoor high altitude manned equipment, so the requirements for its safety and reliability are very high. Therefore, in addition to selecting rail type window cleaner, we should go to the regular manufacturer to buy it, so as to ensure its quality!