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Personnel departure announcement


Dear Customer:

Hello! Thank you for your trust and support for Jiangsu Boyu Construction  Equipment  Technology Co., Ltd.!

The original employee of the company Shen Weiyan, served as the company's engineering manager; Ni Wei, as the company's sales manager; Wu Chunhui, as the southwest and northwest regional director of the company; Gu Zhenhuan, as the company's sales manager. The above personnel have automatically resigned due to their personal reasons and have terminated their labor contracts with our company. Our company solemnly declares that any business, commitments, and activities of the above four people in the future are personal behaviors,  no longer represent our company, and our company will not bear any responsibility.

If there is a need for business cooperation, please contact Hong Xiang, the director of regional marketing, mobile phone number: 15951507141, I hope you know.

If you have any project needs, please contact the company headquarter, contact number: 0510-88709282,I hope you know. Please understand  the inconvenience caused to you.

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Jiangsu Boyu Construction Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

June 20, 2023